Day: July 11, 2020

Preyasi Sadhana

Kamal, I am introducing this for the first time on this Earth through you. Here the word Preyasi means the one who is dear to the Supreme soul. Dear Kamal, let all living beings consider the Supreme soul as their dear one and let all beings strive to be dear to that Lord , being …

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Indrakshi Sadhana

Indrakshi means deposition of all our sensory organs… this practice is to attain control over the five sense organs. The general meaning of Indrakshi is obtaining riches equivalent to that of Lord Indra; But son Kamal, the true meaning of Indra is controlling the sensory organs. Indra is seen as the one who is immersed …

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Chandraghanta Sadhana

Chandraghanta possesses the most peaceful and cool temper of all the gods but is as radiant as the Sun in all its glory. The speciality of Chnadraghanta is that it completely destroys the demonic proclivities in a person and makes him a better person… He who is an accomplished of the self within, and who …

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Mahadurga Sadhana

You are aware that I am the meaning of all and wherever ‘I’ exist everything is special and through the medium of sound you beings are desirous of knowing the specialities of Durga… Durga is the symbol of divinity, excellence, unambiguity…. My incarnation in this form is a combination of Shiv and Shakti… I project …

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swayambhu sadhna

Svayambhu Sadhana

Svayambhu realization is a fantastic realization which even the gods and goddesses crave to achieve. This is one realization through which a person can throw light on the latent secrets within himself through which he can attain an exceptional personality. Sva is self and relating self to existence is svayambhu. The entire universe is consolidated …

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