4 Vital Process to be SAFE

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About Corona and 4 process for prevention and cure:

The “corona virus” can completely kill the entire human race, it is a very fast spreading virus, but “healthiness in hygiene” is inherent. If a person adopts “hygiene”, then it is a virus that ends by itself. “Cleanliness” and “food” require more attention. In this, do not consume cold things at all and keep balanced diet and keep doing yoga to keep your body temperature balanced.

This virus is born due to man’s excesses and demonic tendencies; if we do not handle it then we will have to deal with many types of disasters. Whenever a human has been indiscriminate and has been involved in tyrannical activities – then has given rise to some danger, the “corona virus” is the result of insurmountable actions by humans, acts against nature, there is still time, Wait..! Contemplate..! Tampering with nature is not good, leave your bad habits.

To avoid the sudden calamity that has come, stay in solitude, “pray” to get out of this bad time from “Guru and Almighty”, keep the house also “clean” and adopt the process of regular “Yagya-Havan” (A sacred process of ancient spirituality offered by Revered Guru ji – One from USA or nearby country can get it from Dhyan Yog USA centre in Louisville, KY} Because the polluted/infected atmosphere will be purified by the fire of Yagya and first of all, drink “Antiviral Kadha” – offered by Dhyan Yog USA from Louisville, KY which is completely pure, raw ingredients mixture which is unparalleled to any remedies at this particular time, instead of tea/coffee. Drinking this regularly, if the person suffering from “corona virus” will recover soon and healthy person will be safe.

This disease can be prevented with normal treatment; there is a need of balance “dieting”, perform “Yajna” from “Gayatri-Mantra” and let the energy received from the yajna be reverberate into the body, that is, if you offer havan sitting near yagya, it will definitely be beneficial. {Here the Mantra is different from usual Gayatri mantra, these mantra are sacred and offered under certain guidance and instructions by Guru ji}.

“God” is not upset with you, but you are disturbed by your conduct, by your nature, by your inferior thoughts, and by your scandalous actions, as a result of which we are facing such a situation today, there is still time to remember “you are a Human and remain human, do not become demons and devourer. “Otherwise, such acts of yours, such kinds of disasters will continue, corona and horrific viruses will continue to be born, which will constrain man, man’s power will become unseen in front of it, listen to me…be alert and face this disaster . Be determined, be restrained and live a life of purity, divinity and at least from now abstain from acts like conspiracy…

Symptoms of corona virus :-
1) Sore throat
2) Cold, runny nose
3) muscle aches, fatigue
4) Fever, headache, dry cough, diarrhea etc.

Note :- These are natural normal symptoms according to the weather, it is not necessary that you get corona infected with these common symptoms, but you should keep in mind that with such common symptoms you should go to the doctor without negligence and get proper medicines and follow the instructions given.

Four Major Process to stay SAFE :-

A- Daily Routine Processes :

– Do not let humidity (moisture) remain anywhere in the house.
– Dry the clothes in bright sunlight.
– Wash your hands with soap before eating; keep your hands clean with alcoholic sanitizer.
– Whenever coughing or peeling, use tissue paper / napkin.
– Keep your mobile as clean as possible and keep ear/mouth sufficient distance as much as possible from mobile.
Eat plenty of food during the day time, please do not stay hungry in such situation. Take food fresh and warm.
– Do not eat raw salad like radish, carrot, tomato etc.

B- Ayurvedic Process :

– For people in USA and nearby country can buy Antiviral Kadha available from Dhyan Yog USA center in Louisvelle, KY, USA. This is a must for one who wishes himself to keep safe in this kind of situation from any kind of virus. This is beneficial for taking steam and drink. Preparation is simple and fast and no preservative of chemicals are used; 100% pure raw ayurvedic product is been offered. Result can be seen in two days itself.

– One can buy “Amrita Kwath” a herbal powder from “Divya Rishi Pharmacy” {DRP Founded by Revered master to bring the ancient formulas of medicine and also new Ayurveda medicinal formulations for well-being of people} and take it in empty stomach, it definitely increases the immunity in the system and detoxify whole body, helpful to fight against diseases like corona and many other.

C- Yogic Process :

Take a bath with hot water, sit on cotton unstitched cloth in your meditation room in siddhasana posture, complete the process of Pranayama – Purak, Rechak, Kumbhak, Bhasrika and finally close the eyes and perform “Nabhi Dhyan” – undoubtedly you will be safe from these kind of various viruses. {Nabhi Dhyan is a powerful meditational practice offered by Revered GUrudev Swami Kamleshwaranad Ji which activates various energy centres within human system, Please contact Dhya Yog USA to get this practice.}
– Purak & Raechak: The action of inhaling and exhaling is called purak and rechak respectively. Close right nostril with thumb and inhale from left nostril then close left nostril by middle & ring finger and leave thumb from right nostril to exhale breath. (Breath to be taken deeply)Keep doing above process vice-versa. Here you don’t neeed to see timing but see the counts. 1 time purak and 1 time rechak is 1 round. Like this do 3-4 rounds according to comfort. Once you stop this process inhale and exhale deeply through both the nostrils once.

– Kumbhak : Kumbhak is the process of inhaling the breath and holding it inside. Now inhale deeply breath from both the nostrils rapidly and hold it as long as possible then, exhale completely. This is 1 round, perform this 3-4 times equal to “purak-rechak” rounds.

-Bhasrika : the process of taking inhalation and exhaling intensely like a blacksmith’s blower, it is called Bhasrika, now you take inhalation with extreme intensity from both nasal cavities and exhale. Continue this rapidly unless you get completely tired. This will be counted as 1 round. Do like this 3-4 rounds. Make sure all above yogic process is also of same rounds.

Now step into meditation:
“Meditation” – gradually close the eyes and descend into the deep depths in yourself, unlimited soul energy is in the infinite bliss, self-meditation, now you close your eyes for 5 minutes in bliss and dissolve yourself.

Now, while doing “Navel-Meditation” by closing the eyes, do chant of “OM as aa..uu..mm” naad 21 times, this practice of “Naad-Brahm” will definitely keep you safe from viruses like Corona.

D – Mantric Process :

|| Om Bhur Bhuvaha Swaha Om haunm Jhum Saha Om hunm Fatt Swaha ||
|| Om Ranm Ranm Ranm Om Hunm Fatt Swaha ||

Chant 1 rosary of above mention Mantra using “Maha Mrityunjayi Kaaljayi Rosary” (Consecrated special rosary by Master available in Dhyan Yog USA) and wear it on neck & do hawan 108 times of the same mantra. For sure your whole family along with you and space of your home will be safe from any kind noxious and dangerous viruses like corona.
Note: It is essential that mantra chant pronunciation is right, so please contact “Dhyan Yog USA” center and get directions.

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