Bramhapriya Namrata Kamalini Ji

A self-realized master, speaker, writer, poet, raising the human consciousness across India, authored various kind of books related to spirituality, non-fiction & motivational. 

Endowed with the divinity, reverence and glory of the sun, a baby girl took birth in a middle class family in the village named Bhevli village in district of Devaria, (U.P) on 27th June 1987. Who was named “Namrata” by her father and mother. Father, Shri Vipin Bihari Pandey by   profession a doctor and mother Shrimati Manoj Pandey a housewife. With love all called her Pinky, which everyone loved.

Since childhood, her nature was, according to her name which naturally attracted everyone’s attention towards her. Her nature involved of simplicity, straightforwardness, sweetness resulting an effective personality.

Namrata Kmalini ji Completed formal education till graduation in Devaria and Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. Thinking about God, complete belief in God, for the well-being of her family, to fulfil the dreams of parents and also with an intention to uplift of poor section of society, she was moving further in life.

UNKOWN STRUGGLE Turned to blessing

In 12th Std. she begin to fall sick and this went so serious that she was not able be recover and doctors were not even able to find the exact reasons and just gave her lot medications, even not being in a state to walk she was determined towards her goals of life, so still studied in hospital and gave exams and successfully cleared exams, seeing this her teachers and principal still remembers for her dedication and strength. But the sickness did not leave her. One of her mentor told her about significance of Gayantri Mantra and suggested to chant. She begins to chant every day after few days she was seen to spend more time in chanting almost some times 4-5 hours.

This not only blessed her with recovery from sickness but also lead her to inner journey… Namrata kamalini ji begin witnessing that which are beyond logic to express to someone and hence kept these experiences till her. Destiny was waiting for her.
After completing education, she moved towards accomplishing aims, joined entertainment industry and moved to television channels and Radio… leaving behind all the turbulent situations of Life constantly she was walking towards her aim.


ENTERY OF GURUDEV IN LIFE – Attainment of Brahma-Sakshatkar
Her specialty – love for God, complete dedication & involvement towards her work, determination of the soul, inner thirst for truth and purity in heart gifts her a Guru in life. She met Gurudev Swami Kamleshwaranand Ji in July 2010 in Guru Purnima camp and took Diksha. After meeting guru ji and pouring devotion and purity in the heart results in complete self-realization and attainment of Brahma-Sakshatkar. (Peak state of enlightenment where union of creation and creator, aatma and paramatma happens) She found all the answer of why all such events of sickness and mantra chanting happened in her life. This attainment and complete union Jeeva with the Paramatma lead to arrival of “Brahmavani”. Union of the Guru-Disciple only can again result in birth of such Book, which is a conversation of Namrata Kamalini Ji and the almighty.

Kindly request you to read this book once and connect yourself with the Almighty and make your life blissful.