Kaalratri Sadhna

Kaalratri is the seventh of the nine forms of the Goddess Durga, known as the Navadurga. The seventh day of Navratri pooja in particular is dedicated to her. In this day energy of sadhak is strong in “Sahasrar chakra”. Kaalratri devi is also associated with the crown chakra (sahasrara chakra), thereby giving the invoker various siddhis.  Kaalratri is widely regarded as one of the …

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About Sadhna ?

Sadhana is the first phase, meditation the second phase, yog the third phase. Sadhana, meditation, yog and then comes upasna (worship) and then shakti chaitanya (power consciousness) – i.e. incorporation of the absolute power of God into the human body and being completely gleeful and living perfectly the worldly life as well as godly life …

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